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Vintage and Retro Goody Boxes
Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories


PansyBox Surprise Goody Box Unboxing

Check out some of the great stuff you can get in a PansyBox Surprise Goody Box! Each one is different!

About Us

An Innovative Brand


PansyBox is a Goody Box company for those who love all things retro and vintage. We offer customized boxes with an assortment of hand-selected true vintage and retro apparel, jewelry and accessories. You can also purchase individual items, some with the option of creating your own custom Goody Box.

No Subscription Required


The best part (besides all the treasures you’ll receive) is that there are no subscription fees! Buy one or more PansyBox Goody Boxes for yourself or your friends. Each Goody Box is different!  

The Ultimate Way to Recycle


We firmly believe in reducing, reusing and recycling–not just by offering fabulous vintage clothing and accessories–but also by packing PansyBox Goody Box items in recycled paper and fabrics. We also reuse boxes to help the environment and keep our shipping fees low.

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