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Vintage and Retro Goody Boxes
Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories



Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Welcome to our FAQ page. Here we’ll answer your frequently asked questions. If there’s something we haven’t addressed, please use our Contact Us page to let us know, or email

What is PansyBox? We are an online store, based in the United States, dedicated to providing fun vintage and retro items to those who love them. This includes our Goody Boxes, featuring hand-selected vintage and retro jewelry, accessories and PansyBox exclusive products. There is no subscription required. Buy as many Goody Boxes as you like. Or, choose your favorites from our inventory of vintage and retro clothing, jewelry, accessories and more.

Who buys your products? PansyBox is for everyone, but we have a special place in our hearts for tweens and teens who are just getting into vintage. PansyBoss, the founder of PansyBox, is a longtime vintage collector and wearer whose fashion choices are often admired, especially by girls and young women who are interested in vintage. However, we are very much an inclusive brand and want everyone to enjoy our products. Our goal is to offer a vintage experience with our Goody Boxes, while promoting self-esteem through the expression of one’s unique fashion sense.

What’s in a Goody Box? Unless otherwise indicated in the description of certain products, PansyBox Surprise Goody Box contents will vary. Some include items such as a piece of vintage jewelry, handkerchief, vintage photograph (for inspiration!), or our PansyBox private label lip balm. You won’t know exactly what you’ll get until it arrives at your door. 

Will you customize Goody Boxes for my friends and me? Sure! Many of our standalone items come with a clickable option that allows you to add two items to create your own Goody Box at an additional charge. Just select your favorite choice combination, and we'll package everything in its own Goody Box, featuring recyclable fabrics and paper shred fill. We also reuse boxes to help the environment and keep our shipping fees low.

Are your vintage products in perfect condition? While some are in good to excellent condition, others may have flaws and imperfections. For example, we are currently offering Goody Box Craft Kits that have preworn handbags (showing wear) and imperfect vintage jewelry (broken or missing stones). This is a great way to honor reducing, reusing and recycling! PansyBox Goody Box Craft Kits let you get creative as well as give these items new life. As for our vintage clothing, some items are in amazing shape, while others are just fair. We'll let you know condition in the item’s description and it will be reflected in the price. Please consider this prior to purchasing.

What do you charge for shipping? We are excited to offer our customers flat rate shipping of just $7.99 per order (to one address). We ship best way, either via USPS or UPS, and will provide you with a tracking number. Sorry, we currently only ship within the United States.

Do you allow returns? Surprise Goody Boxes may not be returned, but vintage clothing can be returned for store credit. Items must be returned to PansyBox in the condition that they were sent, within 15 days of receipt of item. Please contact customer service at if you wish to return an item.